6 provides a suite of complimentary services for the development and marketing of your personal brand. Each piece builds upon the other to create a neatly crafted arsenal of tools for your job search and career goals. A 6 Resume consultant works one on one with you throughout the process.

Resume Revisions and Editing A resume is a fluid marketing tool requiring updates and revisions as appropriate for your needs. Targeted resumes improve compatibility with employer needs and improve your probability for success. Learn more Close

Resume Revisions and Editing

For the necessary Spring cleaning to your Resume, utilizing our services for Resume Revisions and Editing maintains brand continuity and tone. Executive and Professional customers of 6 Resumes can take advantage of this benefit. 6 Resume consultants will revamp your resume taking into account newly acquired skills and accomplishments and present them with the most appropriate visual style and design. This service can also be utilized to tailor an existing 6 resume product to a specific industry or position you are targeting.

+ $ 179

Thank-You Letter The Thank-You letter is a critical component, and often neglected tool in the job search strategy. The Thank-you letter either endorses your candidacy or in its absence substantiates the gap. Learn more Close

Thank-You Letter

Many of our consultants have worked in a hiring or recruiting capacity and can attest to this often neglected essential marketing tool. The professional resume is only one component of a candidate’s branding strategy. Used in conjunction with pieces such as the Thank-you Letter, your potential for success is exponentially augmented by incorporating respectful details.

Each Thank You letter is tailored based on your meeting/interview feedback and incorporates the same energy and tone as used with your personalized resume and/or cover letter.

+ $ 79

Cover Letter Cover Letters enhance the value of a resume. Used as a tool to highlight strengths and transferable skills, a well written cover letter propels you one step further. The cover letter allows you to connect with the reader on a more personal level. Learn more Close

Cover Letter

The ideal complement to the professional resume is the Cover Letter. In this marketing piece, 6 Resumes consultants highlight your story, bringing to light sought after soft skills and relevant experiences.  We ensure your personal branding strategy shines through giving personality and energy to your resume submittal.

The Resume + The Cover Letter = A Winning Strategy.

Each cover letter is tailored to your objective and career goals.

+ $ 99

Resume Cloud Analysis Resume clouds enhance your personal brand by emphasizing key sets of words and accomplishments in a visual display. 6 Resumes Consultants produce a Word Cloud representation of your current resume, and in addition, compare this to your job search strategy goals. The result is a spot on roadmap and analysis for resume and brand development. Learn more Close

Resume Cloud Analysis

Resume clouds are one of the newest marketing tools used to create a visual representation of your skills and experiences. 6 Resumes takes tag clouds to the next level by using them as one of our Pillars for professional branding.

Where do you want to go? Where do you envision your career? Is there a position you’d like to pursue in the future?

We start with the end in mind and take the guesswork out of applicant tracking systems and other resume scanning services. By using the Resume Cloud, we help professionals narrowly focus resumes and profiles to their targeted career goals.

+ $ 149

LinkedIn Profile Development A required compliment to the professional resume, developing a compelling LinkedIn profile tells your story 24/7. 6 Resumes consultants carefully craft a succinct and powerful profile that garners attention. Learn more Close

LinkedIn Profile Development

LinkedIn is the largest and most influential professional social media site with over 150 million members.  In addition to being able to connect and share your profile with others, LinkedIn automatically optimizes your profile so that it is easily found when someone “Google’s” your name. LinkedIn members can also search the vast network for keywords and skills. A powerful well written LinkedIn profile is a critical and essential tool for your personal branding strategy.

+ $ 199