Mixology 2.0 - Combining a balanced networking approach


Social media outlets facilitate connections, but, they are not a substitute for all professional networking strategies. Building fruitful relationships still requires a little face time, a smidgen of quid pro quo and a dash of Facebook 2.0

Our experts provide you with our 6 step recipe for success:

►  Start with Linked-In

Easy to update and user-friendly, Linked-In is the ideal home base for your networking strategy. Other social media outlets can also be incorporated into your Linked-In site.

►  Follow industry blogs and add your nuggets of expertise

If you are not following industry news and blogs, chances are you are not an expert in your field. Get to know the top news journals and bloggers and regularly follow their stories through RSS feeds. Contributing meaningful data and knowledge on the blogs will get you noticed on web searches.

►  Volunteer your know-how  with a professional organization you’re a member of

Make the time to volunteer in professional organization’s you are a member of. Volunteering your time in projects and the organization’s leadership team will not only enhance your professional profile, it will expose you to others within and possibly outside of the organization.

►  Contribute to Linked-In discussions

Now that you’ve updated your resume and Linked-In profile, engage the Linked-In network. There are numerous discussions and associations one can join. Comment, contribute, discuss, and ask questions for further insight. Engaging the vast network will only increase the value of your brand.

►  Continuously grow your network

Continuously grow your network through a disciplined approach as discussed in steps 1-4. Add new professionals to your linked-in profile that you’ve met both online and offline.

►  Are you in the position to help someone?

There is no better spokesperson for you, then someone that you’ve assisted in some way without the expectation of an immediate reward. Unsolicited small gestures travel long distances.

What’s Trending in 2012


I am sure most internet savvy consumers have noticed the emergence of QR codes on everything from magazine ads, to retail packaging to signs at the local station. The QR squares with its oddly shaped black and white modules have taken mobile marketing by storm. QR (Quick Response) codes pack more information than a UPC code and most importantly, take your “advertisee” to where you want them to go. Smartphones now come equipped with these handy readers and in an instant, you are transported to a tell- me- more internet site.

Recently, while attending a business function, the newest evolution of the nifty QR code reared its provocative head. Networking is now mobile. Personal business cards now include a personalized QR code as a means to further enhance your brand. Remember branding is everything. With a good percentage of the population now using smartphones, anyone can scan your business card and instantly view your linked-in profile.

The opportunities are limitless and the applications and services allowing you to create and scan your personal QR code are abundant.

This trend is a testament to the importance of creating a cohesive branding strategy both online and offline. Managing your brand and profile on professional networking sites such as Linked-In become that much more important.

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Cover Letters gain new ground


Cover letters gain ground as a form of differentiation and professionalism. Career movers and job candidates often ask – “Is a cover letter really needed?” Search the internet and you’ll find this same question and relative opinions repeated at infinitum for the past two years. At 6 Resumes we believe the cover letter alongside other career tools presents an opportunity to share your story and reinforce your brand.

Consider your Cover Letter a key marketing piece. It is one of many vehicles used to enhance and convey your brand. As with all marketing and branding initiatives, the success rate is never 100%. However, consistent use and its proactive approach ensure a larger market share and increased awareness. Just one person reading your cover letter can make the difference in your career success.

The cover letter in addition to acting as a key marketing piece, allows candidates to reveal sought after soft skills and build a connection with the reader. The most remembered commercials and advertising pieces strike a cord with the audience. They try and engage the reader/viewer on a level beyond the facts of the product and in a subtle way build an emotional connection. The goal is to have them envision the possibility of you.

Lastly, the Cover Letter is the only acceptable piece in the career tool box where you can reveal your personality and tell your story. A story is engaging. A story is remembered. A perfectly crafted cover letter enhances your brand.

The New Year 2012. Are you refreshed and re-tooled?


The new year prompts most Americans to assess and re-align goals and objectives. New resolutions. New look. New outlook? Have you invested some time in re-tooling your career portfolio?

Resumes and Professional Networking sites often go unmanaged for years at a time. When the urgency for a new opportunity presents itself, everything changes. I can often spot when someone is back “in the market” because out of the blue, everything starts to change. New updates to skills and expertise. New
connections and new alliances. New requests for endorsements and testimonials.

Every professional resume needs a little spring cleaning. Have you achieved new milestones or accomplishments? Have you added new responsibilities and activities? Are some areas outdated or no longer as relevant as new data? Keeping your resume and professional profiles refreshed, ensures you are always prepared and in the case of an online profile – keeps your audience engaged and tapped in to positive news about you. In branding terms this is keeping you at “Top of Mind”.

Maintaining your career brand and value requires small investments of time; over a period of time. Be recognized as a mover and shaker, not for someone wanting to make a move.