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Real People, Real Service

All our customers receive a personal phone call from their resume writer. How else are we going to create an impactful resume and profile without first understanding Your story?

We never use Templates

One size doesn’t fit all! Our goal is to make an impactful first impression. We start every resume from scratch, and choose every word carefully. Writing resumes is a technical art; it takes time but we are passionate about what we do. The end result is always the WOW factor.

Free Resume Evaluation

Not everyone will take the time to give you an honest critique of your resume. We do. That’s how much we care about our customers. That’s how much we care about what we do. Send us your resume… we’ll give you the real story.

We’ve been there. Hiring is what we used to do.

We’ve been in Human Resources. We have been in a recruiting capacity. We’ve hired a few hundred people, and interviewed a few thousand. So where does the writing come in? As Executive Recruiters, how many resumes do you think we’ve transformed in the span of 15 years? More than a lot. Now, it’s all we do.

We are not cheap, but neither is our product.

We are not the most inexpensive resume writing service. We offer a great value for career related products that transform the way hiring managers view you. Our resumes, Linked-in profiles and other writing services are what we call the” best in value”. Aside from your well pressed suit and polished shoes – this is the most important career related investment in you!

We Guarantee your Satisfaction

Resumes, Linked-In Profile Summaries, Cover Letters – these are all about you. If you are proud to share your story, that means we’ve done something right. We Guarantee you’ll be satisfied or we’ll start again from scratch at no additional charge.